About Julia's Pantry

Julia's Story


Yes!  There is really a Julia - in fact, there are two of them - my Grandmother and her namesake, my daughter.   Our small family business spans 4 generations where we turn family recipes  into simple, delicious and quick mixes for families to enjoy tastes of days gone by.   We use quality, clean ingredients, including sweet cream buttermilk and real butter.  Our mixes are preservative-free and contain NO MSG.  All of our packaging is designed and produced in-house.  In addition to the meals Grandma prepared, she also made beautiful quilts from fabric scraps.  In designing our cloth bags, we spotlight her quilts as the border and a favorite Bible scripture.   

A Tradition of Taste


Julia's Pantry products are always tastefully simple and naturally southern.  We invite you to enjoy the products prepared in Julia's Pantry where we deliver the same quality and taste that Grandma would approve herself.  We want you to leave the family table filled from eating delicious, wholesome and simple Southern cooking.  

Our Mission


We hand-package all of our products.  While our production method is not the most efficient, we are committed to using displaced and unemployed adults, students, retirees and persons with disabilities to staff our production facility.  We strive to use individual strengths and skills to build a solid foundation and keep Americans working.